Queso & Jamon Edam and red onion croquettas with Iberian Jamon Salami and green chilli chutney 3.50 (VO)

Crispy Laing Crispy spring roll of braised taro leaf and coconut curry served with Basil Crème fraiche 3.50 (VO)

Balut (1) Velvet Mahurangi Duck egg custard with pandan roasted duck cooked in coconut vinegar and chicharron 4

Longganisa (1) Grilled Wagyu beef and lemongrass sausage in peanut sauce and pickled carrot slaw in Tortilla 5

Ukoy Tiger prawn Crispy Tiger prawn in a “Hibe” dried prawn batter served with chipotle mayo and cucumber pickle 6

Taco + Siopao = TacoPao Sticky pork belly, “Nanam” steamed buns, pork chicharron, homemade pickles and peanuts 14 (VO)




—  MAINS  —

Mains Roast chicken Sinigang Free range half chicken roast in tamarind and paprika spice rub served w/ tomato, eggplant and Spanish red onion salsa, watercress patis puree 26

Octopus Bicol Grilled Octopus in lemongrass and chilli paired with braised pork cheek in fish sauce caramel then served in Coconut green chilli sauce. 26

Hawkes Bay Lamb Adobo Hawkes bay Lamb rump, braised lamb neck adobo, agria, gribiche, and complimented with beetroot adobo jus 27

Market Fish “Binagoongan” Fresh catch of the day in calamansi butter with pork belly “binagoongan” and seasonal greens 28

Crispy Pata 8 hour braised and crisped pork hock served with Sweet and sour chorizo and chilli glaze 32

Kare Kare Eye fillet in Annato butter, Beef cheeks in suet pastry served with “Kare Kare” cashew sauce and caramelized anchovy and eggplant 32


Roasted Cauliflower in brown butter fish sauce, almonds and chilli 12

Summer green beans with Adobo peanuts, Garlic and spicy shallots 12

Nanam Rice in Coconut and Pandan scented Calrose 2.5